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#1 Market Leader for RFP Software: the Avnio Response Cloud in the latest G2 Reports!

As we approach the end of this year, most of us focus on the next. Companies start revving their strategic planning muscles, eager to say good riddance to the past and move on to the future. Onward and upward, right? 

2022 wasn’t a year for the faint of heart, and this year has undoubtedly brought challenging times. Due to the current economic slump, companies are now more than ever focused on sales, profitability, and ROI. 

And here at Avnio, as we navigate the uncertain waters of the future, we endeavour to remain optimistic and are thankful to kickstart the year with the Best Est. ROI for the third consecutive quarter in a row!

Avnio and G2

Every quarter, G2 ranks over 100,000 software vendors based on independently verified user ratings to reveal the best products in each sector, and our customers recognise the Avnio Response Cloud as the #1 Market Leader for RFP Software this quarter.

We have also been awarded a whopping twenty-three additional G2 badges in the following categories – 

Momentum Leader – The Avnio Response Cloud ranked #1 on G2’s Momentum Grid, which features high-growth product trajectories based on user satisfaction, employee growth, and digital presence. 

Best Est. ROI and Ease of Use – The Avnio Response Cloud’s time to value and scalability make it a powerful tool for any business looking to increase win rates and ensure high-quality, compliant responses to complex queries. Thanks to tailored, quick, and easy implementation, it’s clear why customers have seen the Best Est. ROI from Avnio for the third quarter in a row!

– High Performer Enterprise

– Ease of Administration

– Users Most Likely to Recommend

– Best Results

– Fastest Implementation 

– Easiest Admin Mid-Market

– Best Meets Requirements Mid-Market

– Easiest To Use Mid-Market

– Easiest Setup Mid-Market

– Highest User Adoption Mid-Market

– Fastest Implementation Mid-Market

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Why are Businesses Switching to the Avnio Response Cloud?

Avnio enables organisations to increase revenue by automating the capture, analysis, and response to business queries. The Avnio Response Cloud enables B2B organisations to increase win rates, process more responses, and gain significant insights to enable better decisions and provide a differentiated customer experience. The Response Cloud is built natively on the Salesforce Platform, and delivers speed and accuracy to complex requests while delivering a 360-degree view of your response and client.

(Check out our blog on “Why Going Salesforce Native Matters” here).

The reasons businesses are making the switch

– Legacy endpoint solutions have been difficult to configure, adopt and integrate with other business-critical systems.

– Against tough economic headwinds, organisations looking to grow need to scale their RFx operations to increase revenue.

– Avnio is the only Salesforce Native solution on the market – creating a single source of truth that moves businesses from siloed, effortful operations to streamlined processes that accelerate opportunities to closed won.

Customer Success is the core of our Business Operations

The cornerstone of our company operations has always been and will always be customer success. Our main driving force has always been the voice of our customers. Our team is dedicated to making it as simple as possible for customers to adopt and implement the Avnio Response Cloud throughout their workforce. So, being called a ‘Momentum Leader’ based on our customers’ reviews for the year’s final quarter is something special.

Looking to the future with the Avnio Response Cloud

CEOs had to make a substantial mentality shift throughout 2022 to navigate a period of uncertainty and volatility. As 2022 concludes, we look to the future in 2023, with global headwinds adding to domestic pressures. Nothing will be crystal clear, and leading through the gray will be the new normal for today’s leaders.

Avino was established during a period of disruption due to the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having navigated through hard times, the Founder, and CEO of Avnio, Tobias Dawes, believes this new degree of disruption provides the opportunity for continual transformation and innovation within the SaaS market:

“It’s imperative we have the insight and guidance to enable us to work on the right business. The unparalleled power of the Avnio Response Cloud is evolving to further heights next year. Today’s buyer wants fast, considered, and accurate responses to their queries. The mission objective in the Avnio Lab is to ensure that all focus goes into ensuring our customers can not just deliver but exceed these market demands. We can’t say too much, but when you need to do much more with a lot less… you must get it right, and Avnio’s customers will be doing just that.”

A big thank you!

What drives us forward is the tremendous support we receive from our clients. We sincerely appreciate the acknowledgement, and we’re eager to maintain this momentum in 2023 by encouraging more businesses to leverage the power of the Avnio Response Cloud.

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