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Avnio Continues to Lead the RFP Response Market with AI and GPT

With AI technology firmly embedded in its solution, Avnio has led the way with RFP response technology since its inception in 2019. The Avnio Response Cloud is the only response automation management platform to truly take advantage of the advancements and capabilities of AI, to provide their customers with exponential value.

Avnio Response Cloud: The Pioneering Response Automation Management Platform

The Avnio Response Cloud already provides users with a whole host of AI capabilities, including on-demand answer-retrieval. The state-of-the-art Avnio Assistant allows users to query their Response Library, ask if they have any questions assigned to them, and answer directly from the channel of their choice (i.e. Slack or Teams) from any device. With underlying GPT technology, Avnio can now take it one step further, and guide users through the all-encompassing RFP response process to help them win contracts faster.

Auto Answer and Intelligent Compose Capabilities

The Avnio Response Cloud is built natively on the Salesforce platform bringing even more value to users. Avnio’s Auto Answer capabilities allow users to complete responses with the click of a button. By leveraging contextual search and Natural Language Generation to analyse previous questions and responses, customers can use that content to respond to future questions, saving time on those answers that never really change. Avnio Intelligent Compose allows users to complete or create new responses with simple text prompts, enhancing and building their knowledge base for the remaining questions where prior content is unavailable. The power of Avnio AI can be used to pull in Salesforce Opportunity data and win themes directly into bid responses and accompanying documents.

Untapped Potential of GPT

The untapped potential of GPT lies in its ability to create core elements of any proposal which sit outside of the Q&A response, such as executive summaries and other supporting documents like cover letters. Studies have long shown that many responses are lost due to poorly written executive summaries, and Avnio will have the ability to make that a thing of the past. 

Streamlining the RFP Process and Simplifying Content Creation

Creating instant executive summaries using GPT technology is a game changer. A high-quality first draft can be produced in seconds, leaving users with the precious time needed to tailor the bid to their client’s needs and perfect the response. Avnio Intelligent Compose can draw on key information from the user’s knowledge library, the Opportunity data in Salesforce, and the information in the RFP itself, meaning users can easily produce deal-winning documents. This kind of AI is fantastic for inspiring when getting started is often the hardest part.

When used appropriately, applying GPT technology is a great way to streamline the RFP process and simplify content creation, as spending hours on getting tender responses and accompanying documents to a first draft stage is no longer necessary. AI in all its forms can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the RFP response process, ultimately helping users to win more business. 

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