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BPC Asia 2022: Avnio Wins Partner of the Year Award

After three years of connecting virtually, Avnio was proud to partner with APMP BPC Asia and come home with the Partner of the Year Award. If you missed out on all the action, here’s what you should know.

Following several successful conferences in Europe and North America, the APMP brand expanded to breathtaking Mumbai. Renowned as the most significant event in Asia for those who work in proposals, bids, tenders, capture management, business development, and graphics. A conference that offers bid professionals from around the world a chance to connect and network with other attendees who share similar ambitions. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the bid management industry, participate in thought-leadership discussions, and see in-depth product demonstrations.

BPC Conference Highlights

Abhijit Majumdar, Chair of APMP India, welcomed attendees to the first BPC Asia event and gave a brief history of APMP. He hailed the emergence of APMP India as the fifth-largest APMP chapter in the world (with 27 other chapters), praised the Great Charlie Divine as a mentor on certification, and prompted the audience to consider what a bid professional performs and how APMP certification fits into that. 

Veekshitha Arasa, CF APMP, explored mental health on the conference’s second day and challenged participants to recognise and address their worries. Participants in the event determined their top stressors while playing a balloon game. The stressor was put in a balloon, delivered to a different participant, and read aloud while the individuals sought a resolution. This kind of action highlighted how important it is to prioritise your mental health within the workplace.

APMP & Avnio

APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) is a trusted leader that serves an international community of bid and proposal development professionals. With a community of over 12,000 members in over 72 countries, APMP’s role is to elevate you professionally, connect you with others globally, and give you access to industry resources you can’t get anywhere else. 

The partnership between Avnio and APMP has been essential to our growth and advancement over the past few years. We are honoured to work with such an established organisation, and we value what APMP brings to the industry. Bids are frequently ignored, and the tasks within bid management can go unappreciated. Through our desire to increase public knowledge of the value of qualified bid professionals and the significance of an accurate and efficient bid process, we recommend that anyone in the bid management industry join APMP and take advantage of the years of knowledge and expertise they provide. We can wholeheartedly say that we are #ProudToBeAPMP!

Avnio at BPC Asia

With an inspiring thought-leadership session, exciting product announcements, and educational breakout sessions, Team Avnio made a grand entrance at BPC Asia 2022. We participated in product demonstrations and activations and the exploration of innovations to enhance team productivity at the workplace along with attendees, including the APMP legion of Bid professionals and partners from around the world. Armed with Avnioneer apparel, the team enthusiastically discussed Avnio Response Cloud with fellow attendees. We were describing our efforts to raise awareness of businesses’ need for effective procurement processes. Moreover, how Avnio’s artificial intelligence can help with this process, winning you and your team more of the right business.

In addition, Jaimik Doshi, our Director of Technical Delivery, and Rohit Baheti, our QA and Documentation lead for Avnio, presented a thought-provoking presentation around “Reporting- A Bid Writer’s Superpower.” The piece explained how analytics and reports solve every bid manager issue.

Avnio Wins Big!

For us, winning the APMP ‘Partner of the Year’ Award in the “Product” category was the cherry on top. And we would like to sincerely thank our clients and business partners for their unwavering support. 

A demonstration of when a team of dedicated individuals commits to act as one… the sky’s the limit!

And hey, if one of the Avnio team happened to catch you at BPC Asia – reach out to one of our sales engineers! 

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