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How Michael O’Mara Books Transformed their Financial Reporting with Avnio Tables

Saying your financial reporting is essential to your business might be the biggest understatement of this still young century. Slow or inaccurate reporting creates a cascading effect that impacts all of your internal and external stakeholders and the overall health of your organisation.

Your best course of action is to make your financial reporting as smooth, fast, and efficient as possible – that’s where Avnio Tables enters the picture. 

And hey, don’t take our word for it

Discover how MoM Books uses Avnio Tables to transform their P&L reporting like a pro! 

The Business

Michael O’Mara Books is a family-run, independent trade publisher specialising in creative and inspired adult non-fiction and children’s books – from board books and reference titles to interactive activities, picture books, and beyond … As a business, they regularly create Profit & Loss statements for individual titles, and it became apparent that they needed to have more readily available data for Management reporting, in order to review the performance of their different books.

The Challenge

Creating these P&L statements for individual book titles often involved using several different data sources. This meant creating a series of large spreadsheets with formulas linking the data, which at times looked at the wrong data and was always open to mistakes. These reports took a lot of time to update and were only completed quarterly, so the data wasn’t live and needed to be more manageable to review.

The Outcome

Working with Avnio Tables has saved Michael O’Mara Books a considerable amount of time, by taking away a lot of manual intervention in putting spreadsheets together. Management now has instant access to up-to-date, real-time information and the live financial positions of all their titles. The company can now create reports to view the performance of their different genres and title groups, allowing them more timely analysis on making decisions about publications in the future. Thanks to Avnio Tables, Michael O’Mara Books is now looking to increase the amount of data they input into Salesforce, allowing them to run entire company financial statements directly within the system.

“Avnio did a great job in understanding our initial needs and goals, and the overall service has been outstanding. The project was very well managed, from the initial gathering of information and understanding our needs, to the implementation of the project.”
-Michael O’Mara, CEO

Working with Avnio Tables

Avnio Tables has allowed Michael O’Mara Books to generate the reports they need directly within their Salesforce environment. With Avnio Tables they are able to configure custom grids within Salesforce, using the same capabilities as Excel, replacing the need for their cumbersome spreadsheets. Tables also allows their team to visualise their data with pop-up charts and graphs directly within their own Salesforce view, which has allowed them to interact with their data more transparently and informatively to make reliable and data-driven strategies.

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