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Maximise the Value of Salesforce Data with Avnio Tables

You’ve done your research. To help your teams find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with a fantastic service, you’ve decided you’re ready to transform your business with Salesforce CRM. But the journey to realise the benefits of the tool continues beyond there. Most users find that exporting Salesforce data to spreadsheets is a regular occurrence. However, this approach creates repetitive tasks, data manipulation for no reason, and data redundancy issues. Successful implementation & adoption and gaining insights from the data captured during the lifecycle with a customer or opportunity are critical to maximising your investment. 

So, what can you do?

Introducing Avnio Tables!

Here are some of the tangible benefits of using Tables to maximise your Salesforce investment:

Increase Your Team’s Salesforce Adoption

Customer Service Agents, Sales Representatives, and Project Managers who work in Microsoft Excel will find a way to return to it. And within some organisations, there is a need to pull data out of Salesforce and manipulate it to take advantage of spreadsheet functionality. Managing data in this manner will ultimately lead to problems. It increases the likelihood of error, creates multiple versions of the truth, and means that someone needs to go back into Salesforce to make the manual updates.

Hesitant to switch from Microsoft Excel? Fear not. Avnio Tables is a Salesforce adoption tool for users who love Excel. With Tables, you can configure custom grids within Salesforce, using the same capabilities as Excel, replacing the need for a spreadsheet, and flip your Salesforce list view into a side-by-side Table view to get analytics in a single, organised, actionable dashboard. 

Eradicate Monotonous Admin Tasks 

Let’s set the scene; it’s a Monday morning. The feeling of busyness seems ambient, even infectious – wafting from your colleagues’ hurried email sign-offs (“rgds”) or from the worried frowns of coffee shop customers whose cappuccinos aren’t coming quickly enough. Things that never previously triggered stress now do. When you log into your Salesforce Org, the administrative responsibilities you have come to despise strike you:

25 Opportunity Close Dates to modify

15 follow-up Tasks to enter

5 Accounts to transfer

40 Forecast categories you need to change

But fear not—this is when Avnio Tables’ beauty truly shines. With the Mass Update feature, you can select several records and update them all at once rather than opening various records in different tabs and updating them individually. Get all your monotonous admin tasks done with a handful of clicks and without a single page load.

Boost Operational Capabilities

Reporting would be easier if you could stay within your Salesforce environment, right? Spreadsheets and human error are only minor hiccups for small businesses, but for larger organisations, these mistakes can have a much more significant financial and professional impact; in some cases, misreporting can devastate the share price. 

With Avnio Tables, you can visualise your data with pop-up charts and graphs directly within your Salesforce view. This, in turn, will allow you and your team to interact with your data more transparently and informatively to make reliable and data-driven strategies.

Display Your Data More Effectively

Eighty-five per cent of Executives need help to evaluate and analyse their current data, according to KPMG Capital. The takeaway? Nowadays, most firms gather enormous volumes of data, but frequently need help figuring out what to do with it. Which poses the question; how fast can your team turn these data insights into action?

Tables’ conditional formatting capabilities are enormous, with the potential to provide quick-fire context without navigating through endless data records. And one thing every sales team knows is that “time kills all deals,” and making the right decisions promptly are vital. But even with good sequencing, sales teams spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. Tables allow you to manage your leads, opportunities, and deal reviews easily

With Tables filters, groups, and inline editing, you can rapidly update, manage and take action, making your Salesforce data more accessible, reducing time, and increasing productivity. Furthermore, conditional formatting can make patterns and trends in your data more apparent by adding a splash of colour, providing context for your data at a glance, which is impossible to achieve with standard fields

Improve Your Business Processes

Traditional list views in Salesforce are great for displaying records, but they could be better for helping users take action. With Avnio Tables, you can have your data in a single, personalised view, allowing you to mass update records, toggle through related objects without losing your place in the list, and make notes from the same screen.

Moreover, a list view in Salesforce is based on one single object. If you want to view related records, you need to create a report (at the mercy of report type limitations), resulting in Sales Pipeline Reviews becoming exceptionally cumbersome. Tables allows you to display related objects side-by-side on a single screen to see the likes of Products or high-priority Cases tied to Opportunities.

Say hello to a new-found efficiency in working with your Salesforce data using Avnio Tables (the fewer clicks, the better, right?)

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