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Meet the Team – Poonam Dhariwal

We have a talented bunch of characters here at Avnio, and we are about to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain. 

Poonam Dhariwal, a senior onboarding and implementation consultant at Avnio, just marked her second year with the company. Throughout the past two years, Poonam has been instrumental to the broader team and beyond and never fails to put a smile on colleagues’ faces with her bubbly personality. ​In this brief interview, we discuss her passion for advocating for mental health, her interests outside of work, and her decision to become an implementation consultant.

What’s your professional background?

I started as a Medical Sales Rep for a small start-up, cruising around South-East England and having a blast! I loved the opportunity to travel and explore new places, and that love has stuck with me to this day. That’s when I realised my love for travelling for work. 🤗 I then took a leap of faith and jumped into the tech industry, starting as a BDR. But I didn’t stop there, I kept pushing myself and now I am a Professional Services Consultant, loving every minute!

Why did you decide to pursue a profession in this particular field?

Because this job is a perfect combination of technical skills, consultancy, and sales! I get to experiment with new methods and deliver the best results for my clients. Plus, I get to learn something new every day!

What do you like best about your job at Avnio?

EVERYTHING! The product, the team, and the clients – they are all amazing! I have the best team who always have my back; my clients are just fantastic!

What motivates you at work?

My team and clients, hands down! They give me the energy I need to keep going, even on the most challenging days. A quick call with them, and I’m back to my old self!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Oh, I changed my mind so many times! I wanted to be a mahout, geologist, teacher, and chef, to name a few. But one thing was for sure, I never wanted to be tied down. I embrace the uncertainty of the future and focus on making today the best it can be.

What was your first job? 

You’re gonna love this one – I was a Legoland rides operator!

How do you like to start your day?

I begin the day with a focused practice called Simran. This practice is essentially you using any neutral, 2-syllable word and the aim is to repeat the word you choose with every breath. It helps me get into the right mindset for the day ahead. 😀 

What do you enjoy doing when the working day is finished? 

Outside of work, I am very passionate about mental health. I volunteer at an Arts Organisation, ‘Without Shape Without Form,’ which positively impacts people’s lives through the arts. And when I’m not working or volunteering, I’m all about Lion King, K-dramas, and K-Pop.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Remember, family always comes first. 

A great team equals a great career. 

And trust the process, don’t plan too far ahead; just enjoy the journey!

Can you give us a fun fact about you that people may not know? 

I am a combination of an early riser and a night owl (wait, does that mean I don’t sleep?) 🤔

Who is your role model, and why?

Me! I’m the only one walking in my shoes, and I’ve learned that it’s better to be my own role model. The outcome of my decisions will always be different from others, so why compare?

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