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The Best Way to Use MS Office for RFP Responses

The Best Way to Use MS Office Software for RFP Responses

Microsoft Office files are a common part of the RFP response process. Your RFP software should work with them seamlessly

We all know that working on a winning proposal response is a long and tedious process — especially without the right RFP software. If it’s not finding answers to niche questions from subject matter experts who are already busy with their own work… it’s managing half a dozen documents that all contain parts of what you need.

42.63 percent of the US’ computer users are using Microsoft’s suite of Office programs to create, edit, and review documents; if you aren’t, your clients probably are!

MS Office’s huge market share means that incoming documents are likely to be in a format that suited the company sending the proposal; not your own workflow.

Before 2020, this wouldn’t have been a huge problem. But we already know that RFPs are going to increase as COVID-19 is dealt with, not decrease.

For many businesses, responding to as a large number of RFPs is how they survive. You’re likely among that group.

You might already be using RFP software to manage your inbound documents, or your knowledge library. This is a fantastic way to improve your workflow.

But, there’s still one major problem.

RFP software often requires you to make the edits on their platform. Template document builders, for example, don’t work directly in Microsoft Office. You have to open the documents and manually search for, copy, and paste answers from your knowledge library into the response.

That’s if you’re even lucky enough to have a knowledge library at all!

In the post-COVID world, teams that are widely distributed will become part of the new normal. Though Netflix’s boss might say that working from home has “no positives”, there are many more companies who are embracing the lack of physical time in the office.

You need a tool that brings together your team, makes your RFP response time quicker and less frustrating, and integrates with those ubiquitous MS Office programs that you normally have to copy and paste into.

The best way to use Microsoft Office

Avnio RFx has out-of-the-box integration with MS Word, Excel, and Teams. We know how frustrating it is to switch between lots of programs in order to get your work done. We integrated everything into a single package for you… and a little bit for us, too.

This Telegraph article talks about how artificial intelligence is a game-changer for small-to-medium businesses. It allows them to “punch above their weight” and swim with the big fish.

It’s crucial, then, to ensure that you have the power of your centralised knowledge library at your fingertips no matter where you’re working; or which program you’re working in.

Avnio allows you to highlight questions automatically, using sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning techniques. In fact, we’re the only RFP software that allows you to automatically populate answers into your documents with a single click.

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Artificial intelligence is something that we think the majority of RFP responders will need to leverage over the coming years; or be left behind.

As budgets are stretched further, the procurement process becomes more important. The more your company is able to win the right business, the more your competitors will need to keep up with you.

Don’t be the ones left behind.

Choose the RFP software that gives you the biggest edge. The one that lets you work in the tools you’re already familiar with. The one that can reduce the time spent on RFP responses up to 75%.

Choose Avnio.

Join the RFP Software revolution today.

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