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See Why We’re Talking About The Road to an RFP Revolution…

Innovating With Our Clients

Join the RFP revolution with your responses. Change the way that you respond to RFPs with Avnio RFx, and read on to find out how our clients do so.

When we first talk to people about what Avnio does, we often get exclamations of doubt in return, followed quickly by “if that’s true, it’s a game changer”.

Changing how you think about Request For Proposals (RFPs) is one of our goals, because innovation is stepping outside the boundaries of convention. It’s about learning from others. This is how breakthroughs occur: together.

In terms of togetherness, every client that works with Avnio becomes part of the fold. We like to think of our clients as innovators, like us. Because though Avnio’s RFP solution is radically different from what’s already available, when you choose to come onboard with us, you’re stepping out of the conventions yourselves.

Let me explain.

Typically, when an RFP comes in you think you have a good chance of winning you know that you have to get started on it immediately. The early bird gets the worm, right?

Averages are wildly different across different sectors, but generally the time spent on a single response is around 24 hours; though companies that spend up to 60+ hours on a response tend to win more proposals.

So, alongside the knowledge that your company is in a great position to win this bid, you know that you also have a huge amount of work ahead of you.

And you might not win.

That’s the worst part, isn’t it? Anywhere from 24–60+ hours of work that doesn’t come to fruition.

Once that response has been written, where does it go? We know that in some cases, it’s hard to keep track of every document you’ve worked on. What about that one you quit working on halfway through, where did it go?

Nightmare scenario, really.

Starting the revolution

We were sick of it too. It’s why we decided to do something about it. Avnio RFx is the solution to the problems we were facing ourselves. It’s why we’re so confident in it.

We have clients who were doing everything mentioned above. Using in-house solutions that were created on an ad hoc basis, weren’t easily scalable, and ultimately were costing money in terms of lost time, massive amounts of effort, and bringing team morale down.

Starting on the road to our RFP revolution, our clients are able to immediately change their outlook on RFP responses.

Load up any old RFP responses you have saved into the Avnio database, creating a centralised knowledge library that now anyone in the team can access without worrying about file versions, losing where on the shared drive it might be… all issues of the past.

The real change is the next part.

Avnio’s smart machine learning and natural language processing means that it scans those old responses and creates a database of answers that can be automatically applied to questions on new RFPs with the click of a button.

One client mentioned that the first question they answered this way was “absolutely perfect” on the first try. Avnio RFx uses a confidence score determined by a complex algorithm to tell you whether it thinks the answer it’s chosen will work for the question. Avnio lets you edit and refine the answers, and it presents alternative answers that could be a better fit.

Though, personally, we prefer “absolutely perfect”.

Why do we need an RFP response revolution?

When we speak to clients, bid writers, proposal managers, and anyone involved in the RFP process at all, there’s a few common issues that crop up again and again.

The main one is just how frustrating the RFP response process is.

Why do I have to answer the same questions again, just worded differently?

How many people do I have to track down to ask similar questions to?

When do I have the time to fit this in?

We’ve asked ourselves the same things. Time is precious. With the changes to work circumstances for many in the world today, we might be battling with restless children, interrupting pets, or just imperfect working conditions in general.

Our Go/No-Go system allows you to design a custom set of rules for whether you are likely to win a proposal, so you don’t even have to start the work process on those that aren’t right for you.

Once you have found one that works for you, forget the old impressions you had of RFP responses. They aren’t a slog that are hard to get through. They’re not a personal Everest sent to frustrate you.

With Avnio RFx, our clients are finding that they spend 75% less time responding to bids.

In just a quarter of the time, you can finish your response. Remember how the early bird often gets the worm? Get there earlier, easier.

But what about those subject matter experts (SMEs) that are on another continent, the team members in the office hours away, and any number of colleagues that might be working at home? How can we pull everyone together to create that winning response?

Avnio plugs straight into your communication channels; Teams, Slack, Chatter. The collaboration can occur anywhere, anytime, and everyone does it in the same dashboard.

Join the RFP revolution

It’s truly a new way of completing RFP responses. We think it’s pretty great. We’re 100% certain that you would, too, if you were using it.

We have an overview you can watch, or you can contact us directly. Talk to us about how you can join us on the road to the RFP revolution and innovate in your industry, today.

Find Avnio on LinkedIn here, or on Instagram @avnioltd.

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