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”Avnio is transforming our RFP organisation to an automation and AI future”

Todd Janzen, Global VP of Q Branch, Salesforce

Todd Janzen - Salesforce
Best ROI in the RFP Category on G2

Dendrochro...what now?

So, why did we choose 'Dendrochronology' as the subject for our Dreamforce discussion? Because it's all about data. It's really the practice of comparing legacy data (dead trees) with current data (living thriving trees) Lining up multiple data points, and cross referencing them to tell a story. It can teach you a lot about the growth journey of a particular area and it can even help you predict trends. See where we're going with this?

Growth data
Team using Avnio and Salesforce

Predictive analytics, for better decision making

Just like a forest, there's a story at the core of your success metrics. Understanding that story is the key to knowing what questions we need to ask when qualifying in or out. Tying the RFP to an opportunity in Salesforce allows you to harvest these detailed analytics from all of your connected sources to make the right call on which deals you should go for and which ones to stay away from.

Customer 360, a world of customer data at your fingertips

At Avnio, we believe every RFP is an opportunity to better understand your customers and your business. Drawing in opportunity data, marketing insights, service history and more can not only help you to qualify with accuracy, but it can also help your team develop precision to know when you're going to win (or Lose) and why.

RFPs and Customer 360

100% Salesforce

Built, Managed & Delivered on Salesforce including support for Communities & Mobile

Response Library

Ensure that the Latest Company Knowledge is Categorized & Always up to Date

Response Automation

Upload Documents, Automate Responses to Questions and Drive Genuine Insight

Work Smarter

A Better Way to Collaborate Right Across the Organisation via Chatter, Slack or Teams

Go / No-Go Decision Making

Leverage Our Propensity To Win & Screening capabilities to Decide whether the Response is Worth Pursuing

Workflow Automation

Configure, Manage and Execute Sophisticated Workflow Steps to Manage Your Response

Response Cloud User

Avnio Response Cloud takes RFP Automation to another level!

As an integral component of the Salesforce 360 ecosystem and built natively on the Salesforce platform, Avnio provides speed and accuracy to companies needing to respond to complex requests<br /> Avnio Response Cloud provides a 360-degree view of your response, enabling better decisions that increase revenue, decrease costs, and ensure compliance

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As a sponsor of this year’s Dreamforce, our team set up camp in the Main Campground. The campground was brimming with enthusiasm and invention as our solution engineers gave on-the-spot, end-to-end demonstrations and engaged in in-depth discussions about Avnio Response Cloud.

Avnio at Dreamforce!
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Accelerate every deal to closed-won

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