How MOM Books Transformed their P&L Reporting with Tables

``Avnio Tables has allowed us to generate the reports we need directly to our Salesforce environment. With Avnio Tables we are able to configure custom grids within Salesforce, using the same capabilities as Excel, replacing the need for cumbersome spreadsheets`` Hit the link to read the full case study!

Tables and Mom books

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Generate Insight

The new way to visualise data and generate real business insights. Drag and drop your mouse over data fields and see instant pop up charts. Supercharge your analysis and gain real-time business insight with the latest data.

Data Management

Manage thousands of records in seconds. Create filters and custom views to manage your Salesforce data in a new way.

Take Action

Users can easily create actions with data, whether it is with inline editing, mass updates, bulk actions or even adding their own custom actions. Streamline complex reporting processes get analytics in a single, organised and actionable view.

Incredible Performance

Built, Managed & Delivered on Salesforce, including mobile support.

Simple Configuration

Lightning performance, lightning-fast. Avnio Tables has been built, managed and delivered on Salesforce Lightning, making it simple and easy for customers to configure.

Lightning Speed

As a Salesforce-native and cloud-based solution, organisations can easily build and implement Tables in just seconds.

"A Game Changer for Salesforce Users"

Tables enhances Salesforce more than any other app I've ever seen, it revolutionizes the Salesforce experience & greatly increases productivity.

Manoj Ganapathy CEO, Salestrip
Avnio Tables

The new way to visualise your data

Flip list views into side by side Table views. Set up Kanban and calendar views. Add different fields on demand and action changes as they happen.

Simplified data, clear reporting

Drag your mouse over your data fields and see instant pop up charts for lightning-fast reporting.

Tables Quick Charts

Conditional Formatting

Accessible rich data. Add colour to your workflow for information at a glance which is simple to understand and easy to action.

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